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It is a matter of the implementation of our plans on creating the space positioning system GLONASS. It is a hi-tech, innovative field, which is extremely important for our state both from the point of view of economy and for strengthening the countrys defense capacity.

It is necessary to strive for the active introduction of this system on land, air, sea and rail transport. And yet this is not enough, it is necessary for administrative officers of different ranks on the regional and municipal levels to understand the advantage of this system introduction.

In general, I want us to be heard in regions and municipalities today, I want heads of those structures to know and understand that it is a nation-wide task the introduction of this system. But we can effectively solve it only with their help and support. It is necessary for municipal and medical transport, transport of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and police to be equipped with such systems of space positioning.

V.V.Putin (From transcript of working meeting of Chairman of the Russian Government V.V.Putin with Deputy Chairman of the Russian Government S.B.Ivanov, 2/15/2010)


Greetings to Participants of the 4th International Satellite Navigation Forum

Dear colleagues!

In 2009 the state authorities of the Russian Federation passed quite a number of resolutions determining the development and use of satellite navigation systems in Russia.

It should be emphasized that in spite of the global financial crisis, which affected the Russian economy in a very serious way, the Russian Government didnt reduce the funding of projects for the development of the GLONASS system that is evidence of the country administrations particular attention to the domestic satellite navigation and its endeavor to put it on the front line in the world. They passed a resolution providing the federal budget funding to the backbone long-term project ERA OF GLONASS proposed by JSC Russian Space Systems at a meeting of the Commission for Modernization and Technological Development of Russias Economy under the Russian Federation President. The implementation of the project providing for extra-budgetary funding as well will allow cardinally raising the level of safety of road traffic participants and creating a base for building intelligent transportation systems.

The international forum on satellite navigation is a first-rate Russian platform for an effective discussion of issues of the status and use perspectives of navigation technologies in Russia, experience exchange and working out joint solutions contributing to the strengthening of an economic and scientific potential of the state, the development of business.

I am sure that holding the event will contribute not only to the process of the GLONASS technologies introduction but to establishing business relations between its participants as well.

I wish the delegates of the Forum fruitful work, success in your important and needed work.


Chief Designer
of Global Navigation System GLONASS
Yu. M. Urlichich

Dear colleagues!

The vast territory of Russia, the high percentage of hard-to-reach areas, the landscape and climate diversity, the big reserves of natural resources including undiscovered ones all these and many other factors insistently require the use of modern space technologies.

In the use of satellite navigation technologies combined with geospatial databases and telecommunication systems we see significant reserves of qualitative reorganization of the state economy, giving it a dynamic and innovative nature.

It is necessary to drastically change rates of the adoption of navigation technologies, to ensure the implementation of projects, supporting the creation of a market of navigation services, devices, systems.

Today our main goal is to create a mechanism of constructive interaction between the Federal Operator and partner companies, key actors of the navigation market to determine directions and prospects of the cooperation, new opportunities for the business development, and coordination of actions in the issues of promoting GLONASS technologies in foreign markets.

I am sure that the work of the forum will promote the creation of favorable conditions for the effective adoption of innovative technologies, the development of business relations and cooperation, the consolidation of Russian companies working in the market of navigation services.

Holding such events is a unique opportunity for discussing problems, exchanging experience between specialists in the spheres of geoinformatics, transportation, construction, logistics, navigation and telecommunications.

I wish the participants of the 4th International Satellite Navigation Forum success, fruitful and constructive work.


Chief Executive Officer
JSC Navigation Information Systems
A. O. Gurko

Dear colleagues!

I welcome you to the opening of the 4th International Satellite Navigation Forum and the International Exhibition NAVITECH-EXPO 2010!

The event of such a high level as the International Satellite Navigation Forum has already become traditional. It is evidence of the growing interest of specialists, scientists, representatives of governmental organizations, businesses and wide circles of the community in achievements of the domestic satellite navigation, which, owing to the successful development of the GLONASS system, moved to the front line of science and technology and was internationally recognized.

Holding the annual forum gives navigation equipment manufacturers and providers, consumers of GLONASS system services a chance of summarizing, exchanging opinions and establishing business contacts.

The current period of satellite navigation development is characterized by the transition from using stand-along facilities to their interconnecting and creating navigation and information systems. The opportunity to implement a system approach to the development of satellite navigation technologies is a result of a whole complex of activities carried out in the framework of the special-purpose federal program Global Navigation System finishing in 2011.

The system level of coordinate-time and navigation provisions opens up broad prospects for introducing unified rows of domestic satellite navigation devices, implementing quite a new approach to solving the issue of navigation service reliability, extending spheres of the services, provided to consumers of the GLONASS system.

At the same time the main goals is to ensure the coordination of activities of enterprises developing and manufacturing satellite navigation devices, software, as well as of system integrators and navigation service providers. This goal has to be met by a recently set up council of chief designers of enterprises leading in the mentioned fields.

I wish all the participants and guests of the forum and the exhibition creative success and new achievements in the field of satellite technologies.

Navigation Equipment
Main Constructor
V. N. Babakov


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Vladimir N. Klimov
Executive Director
Association GLONASSGNSS-Forum

Nikolay Mikhaylov
Head of Delegation
MStar Semiconductor

Evgeni Makarov
Chief operating officer, LLC Video City, DorogaTV project manager
Company LLC Video City

Vladimir Sviridenko
Vice-President Technology
SPIRIT Telecom

Ivan Nechaev
Executive Director
Russian Navigation Technologies

Evgeny Plyusnin
Chief Engineer
GPScom Ltd